The Ability Of Indonesia In Facing ASEAN Economic Comunity Market Competition

20130524ASEAN_Economic_CommunityAbstract – Entering the free market of Southeast Asia in 2016, Indonesia as one of the countries member in ASEAN should be able to compete with the other Southeast Asian countries. This study analyzes Indonesian competitive advantage compared to other countries of Southeast Asia which aims to provide inputs to the employers, the government and people of Indonesia.

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Do Lecturer Has Responsibility to Motivate Their Students?

elon-musk-tesla-1024x768Motivating students to the extent they can is arguably a partial responsibility of undergraduate lecturer. Student motivation is an essential element that is necessary for quality education. How do we know when students are motivated? They pay attention, they begin working on tasks immediately, they ask questions and volunteer answers, and they appear to be happy and eager (Palmer, 2007). Continue reading “Do Lecturer Has Responsibility to Motivate Their Students?”

Dear Me

1407797813-set-marketing-goals-actually-achieveDear Dhani, this is the letter I am writing and posted in my blog to myself with three goals in it. I will re-visited and read this article in the next three months that one to another goals is inter connected so when I pass or I achieve the third goals so I have pass the first and second goals in addiction when I have pass the first two so I can achieve the third goals which is get a perfect score for this English class. Continue reading “Dear Me”

Future great Accountant

img_3767-2I think Alvin would make a good Accountant. I could say that because first, he is a client centric more than the skills for numbers. As being an accountant, a person needs to understand the industry, sector and the client in detail. He also have a solid grasp of the client’s goals and business requirements which enable him to understand which accounting rules or economic measures that fit the business in meeting client’s needs. Continue reading “Future great Accountant”