Future great Accountant

img_3767-2I think Alvin would make a good Accountant. I could say that because first, he is a client centric more than the skills for numbers. As being an accountant, a person needs to understand the industry, sector and the client in detail. He also have a solid grasp of the client’s goals and business requirements which enable him to understand which accounting rules or economic measures that fit the business in meeting client’s needs. Second, he is an accurate and detail oriented persons. As accountants, they will work with the numbers and the analysis done needs to be correct and accurate. This is crucial in the work of accountants. Diligence should be second nature to them and not something they need to be constantly reminded with. Third, for being a good accountant he has strong ethics. Beyond work ethics, a strong sense of integrity is an imperative trait that boosts confidence in an accountant’s work. Accountants who live a life of integrity are most likely to obey rules and will ensure to keep confidential and private information. Having the ability to be morally upright can show up in how accountants do accounting books within the acceptable accounting laws and relevant regulations. With all of the quality he has I think that he would make a good Accountant soon.


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